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Feb 22


Oct 21

Introducing Barbare

So I think I’ve come up with a name for my font, Barbare. This is a French word meaning Barbaric, which is what the word gothic means. My reasoning for using a French word is because the style started in France, and I felt it was only appropriate. If I do different versions based on the variations of countries, then I would call it Barbare Anglais (Barbaric English) for example if it was the English variant (of which I think this one is heading).

The above image is me testing out how the words are working with each other. I really dislike the capital ‘B’. Its going to have to change but not tonight. Other than that the letters appear to work nicely. Im uncertain about whether to have the point on the ascenders though (and tails of the ‘a’).

What I’ve realised is some letters combinations such as ‘r’ and ‘e’ naturally flow into each other if kerned like that. Quite cool if you ask me. I’ve also tweaked the crossbar of the ‘e’ so its on a 30 degree angle (anything angled in this font is at 30 degrees. I’ll reveal why in a later post).

I’ve done a very quick fill in digitally which does the font not justice as it’s so rushed.

Because it isn’t traced perfectly it looks unbalanced.

Apr 13

Review: The Importance of Sketches

I love seeing sketchbooks. Sometimes the process is far more interesting than the final piece. It offers and insight into how people think, and also you get to see some of the crazier ideas that might have been a little too crazy for a finished piece. I really love seeing sketchbooks with random sketches from people and animals to buildings, scenery and completely surreal creations.

I follow a few websites that showcase these sketchbooks as they provide a source of inspiration and ideas. Like I said before, sometimes these are the more adventurous ideas. Also the drawing methods can be more experimental. Quick sketches can sometimes be far more impressive than drawings which have had hours or days spent on them. Whilst brand doesn’t matter, Moleskine notebooks are particularly popular and a favourite of mine (although I did hate them at one point). They are well made and the paper is nice to draw on.

Below is a small list of a few sites which regularly upload sketchbooks or posts which showcase some amazing sketchbook work: (Particularly interesting)